General Contractors

Your line of work requires the highest levels of partnership and collaboration. The BellBrook Fence Company understands that fence installation is usually just one piece of a larger project where everything is intertwined. You can count on The BellBrook Fence Company to be reliable partner no matter the style or scope of your project.


Swimming Pool Fence

Swimming pools are a great way to keep your family happy, healthy, and active during the summer months, but securing the area is paramount. It takes the highest level of experience, knowledge, and care to build a fence that provides security and beauty to your pool and landscaping.

If you are a pool contractor, a public or private club, an apartment complex, condominium, or homeowner, The BellBrook Fence Company can assist with a wide variety of options that enhance the look and appearance of your pool and comply with state and local codes.



The BellBrook Fence Company's knowledge and experience will bring value and beauty to each and every landscaping project. Working with your team, we can assist in selecting the perfect fence to compliment a stunningly landscaped property. Whether the fence is a feature to accent your project or designed to fade from view, we have the right fence for every project and the ability to coordinate with your schedule to avoid delays.


Property Management

Fence installations and repairs can consume your valuable time. If not installed correctly or repaired professionally, a fence can cause even more headaches (and possibly complaints from guests/renters). The BellBrook Fence Company can take this burden off of your shoulders and provide you with a quality, professional product. Contact us to discuss your project or repair.



The BellBrook Fence Company offers competitive pricing for all types of commercial fence installation for, local and state government entities. We have experience in providing government fence installation and repair services for:

  • Government Buildings
  • Parks and Recreation Areas
  • Substations
  • Waste Water Treatment Plants
  • Communications Towers
  • School Districts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Military Bases
  • Jails, Prisons, and other Detention Centers
  • Airports

Architects & Home Builders

The BellBrook Fence Company's vast product lines and quality installations will help enhance the beauty and value of every building or home you create. We can work with you from concept though construction in order to achieve the look and feel you want in your design.

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